Facebook Ads Case Study: 100+ Leads in 3 Weeks for PMU client


In a collaborative effort with the delhi-based dentist, Dr. Swati Mittal, we embarked on an initiative to enhance the visibility and lead generation for her clinic.

With the recent wing of Permanent Makeup Services, Dr. Mittal sought to increase step to her clinic specifically for these services.

Let’s see how our 2-month wayfarers on Facebook and Instagram made a big difference in attracting clients for permanent makeup services.

Challenges and Opportunities

Before our partnership, the vendee relied on traditional marketing efforts, which resulted in limited leads and slow growth. It was mainly the word of mouth and sporadic Facebook posts.

Although these methods had value, they didn’t reach unbearable people to momentum significant growth. We realized the enormous potential offered by the digital world, particularly through targeted social media advertising.


  1. Limited Reach: Traditional methods like word of mouth and sporadic Facebook posts were not reaching a wholesale unbearable regulars to fuel substantial growth.
  2. Competitive Pricing: Other providers in the market were offering cheaper rates, posing a rencontre in communicating the value of our quality services.
  3. Offline Promotion Difficulty: Conveying our unique value proposition offline was proving challenging, expressly in a competitive market.


  1. Digital Potential: The digital landscape provided a vast and untapped opportunity to reach a wider and increasingly targeted audience.
  2. Quality Over Pricing: By focusing on providing high-quality work at sensible rates, we could differentiate ourselves from cheaper alternatives.
  3. Local Community: We identified a prime opportunity to resonate with the local community, establishing a strong presence among nearby residents.

The Strategy

In response to the challenges and opportunities we identified, we crafted a comprehensive and highly constructive Facebook Ads wayfarers that focused on reaching the right regulars and showcasing the value of our services.

facebook ads for permanent makeup
(One of the ads we ran)

Effective Facebook Ads Campaign:

  1. Compelling Visuals: We designed visually well-flavored ads that not only unprotected the sustentation of our target regulars but moreover conveyed the quality and professionalism of Facethetics Beauty’s Permanent Makeup Services.
  2. Persuasive Copy: Our ad reprinting was thoughtfully crafted to communicate the value of the services offered, emphasizing the benefits of choosing quality over cheaper alternatives.
  3. Strategic CTAs (Call to Actions): We strategically placed well-spoken and compelling calls to whoopee (CTAs) in our ads, guiding potential clients to take the desired action, whether it was visiting the website, booking an appointment, or contacting the clinic.
  4. Precise Targeting: We utilized the powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook ads for permanent makeup, ensuring that our ads were seen by women within a 5km radius of Dr. Swati Mittal’s residence in the Punjabi Bagh area, focusing on those most likely to be interested in our services.
  5. Monitoring and Adjustments: We continually monitored the performance of our ads and made necessary adjustments based on real-time data, ensuring optimal results and maximizing the impact of our campaign.
  6. Localized Engagement: By targeting the local community, we aimed to establish a strong and trusted presence among nearby residents, remoter solidifying the clinic’s reputation as a premier destination for quality Permanent Makeup Services.

This focused and results-driven Facebook Ads wayfarers worked the heart of our overall strategy, leveraging the strengths of the platform and powerfully addressing our challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities that digital marketing presented.

lead generation examples
facebook ads specimen study

Remarkable Results
  • Leads Generated: Over 100 leads in just 3 weeks
  • Conversion Rate: Surpassed expectations
  • Total leads generated in 2 months: 264
  • Messenger Chatbot: Implemented for instant consumer engagement, plane during off-hours
Client Testimonial

The increase in appointments and trademark visibility has been remarkable. Hear from the founder herself.

Long-Term Impact

Many of these leads became loyal, repeat clients, underscoring the effectiveness of our approach. This sustained growth validates the power of targeted social media advertising, elevating trademark recognition and solidifying the clinic’s position in the market.

Let’s Connect

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facebook ads specimen study PMU Client
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