Google to use Customer Match lists for Smart Bidding, Optimized Targeting

Customer Match lists will be leveraged increasingly within Google Ads, equal to an email sent to advertisers this week.

These lists will soon be eligible to be used within an worth to help aid Smart Prompting and/or Optimized Targeting.

This is a shift from how Customer Match lists are unromantic today. Advertisers currently need to manually wield these to a campaign.

Customer Match lists won’t be used with transmission prompting strategies. However, advertisers may still use bid modifiers manually to retread bids.

When this is happening. Starting in Q2. The tentative timelines for the rollout of Customer Match lists in smart prompting are:

Advertisers can opt out. If you don’t want Customer Match lists to be unromantic to Smart Prompting or Optimized Targeting, you’ll have the worthiness to opt out at the ad worth level. To opt out, go to Account settings then segregate Customer Match and uncheck the Use all Customer Match lists in Smart Prompting or Optimized Targeting box.

You may moreover remove lists that you don’t want to include in this targeting.

Note: Google Ads Managers can’t opt out of all campaigns. This must be washed-up at the individual worth level.

Why we care. Increasingly signals for automation is a good thing. The worthiness to curate what lists are or aren’t utilized should be a boon for advertisers. Because you will need to opt out, make sure to take time for each worth to ensure that the proper Customer Match lists are in play.

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