Guide to Social Media Demographics in 2022

Your worthiness to develop and execute a successful social media marketing wayfarers will influence the success of your business. As you build your marketing strategy, you’ll have to decide which social media platforms will get your focus.

It’s important to understand the target demographics of each platform to make an informed decision. This guide is written to help with that. It lists the target demographics for each platform and details when and how marketers might want to use them.

What Are Social Media Demographics?

Social media demographics are a hodgepodge of characteristics that describe the people who use each social media platform. Each social media visitor collects information well-nigh its users in order to understand them better. Social media demographics include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Device preference
  • Education
  • Employment

There are moreover behavioral demographics such as the stereotype value of time spent on a social media platform each day and the frequency of visits within a given period.

Why Are Social Media Demographics Important to Your Business?

When choosing a social media platform, demographics should be one of your primary considerations. You want to focus on the social media channels that target the same audiences you do. The weightier way to do this is to compare the demographics of your target personas on each platform.

If you don’t have an up-to-date understanding of social media demographics, you risk wasting time and resources marketing on the wrong platforms and targeting the wrong audiences.

Social Media Demographics by Platform

When you know the demographics of social media users for each platform, you’ll know where your target consumer is and isn’t spending time. You can use that information to help determine your social media marketing strategy.

Instagram Demographics

Instagram experienced explosive growth over the past few years. That’s slowed lanugo a bit, but the platform is still going strong. In fact, it’s forecasted to exceed 1.1B total users this year. Here are a few increasingly stats:Instagram Demographics

  • 500 million people visit Instagram each day
  • Most Instagram users are males between the month of 18 and 24
  • Men month 25 to 34 are the next largest demographics
  • Women on Instagram are often 18 to 34 years old
  • Most Instagram posts are from users in the United States
  • Instagram users are largely well-matured in the United States and India
  • Users spend just over 11 hours each month scrolling through Instagram
  • More than 90% of users follow at least one merchantry account

Additionally, 83% of people use Instagram for trademark and product discovery.

When to Use Instagram for Social Media Marketing

Instagram is a highly visual platform with an regulars that skews young. It’s moreover used to follow brands and learn well-nigh new products. This focus makes it platonic for every stage of the sales funnel and perfect for influencer marketing.

Facebook Demographics

Despite the new social media platforms that have come on the scene, Facebook remains the most popular platform overall. Here are some notable demographics:Facebook Demographics

  • More men (56%) use Facebook than women
  • The largest user group on Facebook is men weather-beaten 25 to 34
  • India has the most Facebook users, with the US in second
  • Users are dwindling in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and S Korea
  • The fastest growth is in S America, Egypt, and Nigeria
  • More than 98% of users scroll on mobile devices
  • Users spend just over a half-hour on the platform each day

There are increasingly than 2 billion zippy Facebook users.

When to Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Facebook is still an spanking-new platform for connecting with customers, sharing content, and towers trademark awareness. Just alimony in mind that the demographic tends to be Millennial and older.

LinkedIn Demographics

LinkedIn has experienced a slightly shrinking user base, and it’s never been associated with B2C marketing. Still, these numbers are worth considering:LinkedIn Demographics

  • There are well-nigh 774 million users on the platform
  • 43% of LinkedIn users are female
  • Most (60%) are weather-beaten 25 to 34
  • The majority of LinkedIn users are in the US
  • The next largest user bases are in Brazil, China, and India
  • LinkedIn is used in increasingly than 200 countries
  • 75% of users are from outside of the US

Additionally, increasingly than half of all college-educated adults use LinkedIn.

When Should You Use LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing?

If you are in the B2C space, you can probably ignore this platform for marketing purposes. However, it’s still the most powerful social marketing space for B2B. Also, the Millennials on LinkedIn are a powerful consumer group, with many moving into decision-making positions.

Twitter Demographics

Twitter is a conversational social platform where users can share their insights and participate in conversations well-nigh topics that matter to them. Here are some demographics that marketers should pay sustentation to:Twitter Demographics

  • Only 29% of Twitter users identify as female
  • In America, most users are weather-beaten 18 to 29
  • Most Twitter users are in the United States
  • More than a third of people making increasingly than $75K use Twitter

People spend 5.6 hours on Twitter monthly on average.

When Should You Use Twitter for Social Media Marketing?

When your goal is polity towers and engaging with your audience, Twitter is a wonderful choice. Additionally, it’s an spanking-new platform for thought leadership. Share your opinions, plane controversial ones, on current topics and industry news.

TikTok Demographics

Even though TikTok is the fastest growing platform, it has just recently been established as a place for social media marketing. Brands that are looking into TikTok for this purpose should consider these stats:TikTok Demographics

  • TikTok users make a lower salary ($30K to $50K) considering they tend to be younger
  • 25% of users are under 20
  • It’s the most popular platform for Gen Z without Facebook
  • Globally 45% of TikTok users are weather-beaten 18 to 24
  • 56% of TikTok users are female

Most TikTok users are in China, with the second-largest concentration in the US.

When Should You Use TikTok for Marketing?

If your target regulars is Gen-Z and Generation Alpha, TikTok is a unconfined platform to connect and create awareness. However, it’s imperative that you create engaging short-form videos.

Updating Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Now that you know key social media demographics, you may need to update your marketing strategy. Alimony these numbers in mind as you audit your approach and make changes to ensure you are targeting the right platforms.

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