Microsoft Advertising has new certification badges, levels and a new learning center

Microsoft Advertising has released new forerunner certification, new exams, new badges and a new learning part-way for advertisers today. Microsoft said they have “reimagined and relaunched”  Learning LabOpens in new window and Microsoft Advertising Certified ProfessionalOpens in new window (MACP) learning solutions making “them both increasingly valuable and easier to use.”

New Microsoft Advertising Certification

New exams. Microsoft has moved from having one exam to three new exams, which focus on variegated offerings within Microsoft Advertising. These are “50-question certification exams that explore variegated areas within Microsoft Advertising,” the visitor said.

New badges. When you pass these exams, you qualify for four variegated certification badges.

These include:

  • Microsoft Advertising Search Certification
  • Microsoft Advertising Native & Display Certification
  • Microsoft Advertising Shopping Certification
  • Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional

The first three are specific to verticals within Microsoft Advertising, but if you pass all three exams in all areas, you then qualify for the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional badge.

What they squint like. Here are screenshots of those badges:

If you were MACP certified as of April 2022, read Microsoft’s FAQs to learn increasingly well-nigh how to wangle your legacy PDF document and requirement your new Microsoft Advertising Search Certification digital badge.

New Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab

Microsoft said they have redesigned the Microsoft Advertising Learning Lab to “make it modern and simple.” Here is what is new in the Learning Lab:

  1. Learning Paths: These bring together key concepts you need to develop your skills as a digital marketer with Microsoft Advertising for each topic in one place. This includes learning courses, a preparation undertow for each exam, and the exam.
  2. Events: Attend live virtual eventsOpens in new window led by Microsoft Advertising experts or watch the recent ones on-demand.
  3. Your Dashboard and Trophy Case: You can see the badges you’ve earned and the courses you’ve taken all in one place.

Why we care. Those of you who run Microsoft Advertising campaigns will want to review this new learning part-way and see how they can obtain these new certifications. If you have had certification in the past, you may need to revise those with these new criteria.

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