Publisher Spotlight: Qatch

Qatch discusses the significance of offering personalized shopping experiences by way of SMS marketing via the unite waterworks during the holiday season.

Why and when was your visitor created?

Qatch was created in 2020 to solve a problem co-founder’s Nicole and Raquel faced – the overwhelming number of options misogynist while online shopping. Knowing that brands were capturing their browsing policies but not personalizing which products were displayed left them frustrated, so they looked to technology to see if they could solve the problem themselves for the tens of millions of U.S. shoppers that shared the same feelings.

How does your visitor differentiate itself from competitors in the unite space?

SMS is the weightier billboard money can buy today and we’re introducing brands and products to our loyal user wiring of 65K members. Advertisers goody from the 99% unshut rates and 40% click-through rates of SMS marketing without having to have paid to reap that shopper themselves.

Has there been a pivotal shift or turning point in your unite activities within the last 12 months? If so, what was it?

Yes. Leveraging SMS as the primary waterworks of liaison with our users. As Safari becomes the default browser and cookie tracking continues to be a known issue, we’ve been lucky to identify where these issues are occurring and have renegotiated our partnership terms, which has unliable us to promote brands plane increasingly successfully.

What are the key factors in determining which programs to join and what do you squint for in an forerunner partner?
Reputation, product quality, and worthiness to partner with our terms since we sit at the middle to the top of the marketing funnel to momentum incremental revenue and not as a last-click publisher.

Why is it important for Qatch to promote sexuality & minority owned brands?

Qatch was founded by two women who know firsthand how difficult it is for sexuality and minority brands to secure funding and equal opportunities. Considering of this, we wanted Qatch to be a source for shoppers to find these incredible brands in one place. Our members love this focus of our platform – in fact, over 55% of members request female, minority, or ethical/sustainable brands when they sign up, so we know we’re striking a chord with them in a positive way.

How important are advertiser’s sustainability efforts to Qatch?

While we don’t exclusively work with sustainable brands, we requite preference to them considering of the impact they have on our users and the higher conversion rates these brands see. As part of the shopper experience, we highlight when a recommendation is ethical, sustainable, or pre-loved right in the text conversation so the impact of the trademark is made well-spoken surpassing the shopper plane visits their site. On average, driving this information to shoppers yields a 22% lift in clicks compared to similar products without note of a social impact.

What are some unique categories Qatch looks for when considering forerunner partners?

We’re worldly-wise to work with forerunner partners of all shapes and sizes considering our user wiring ranges in age, demographic, and styles. However, the majority of our users self-identify with a special sizing category (tall, petite, plus, or pregnant) so we love working with brands that can cater to these requests.

If you’re an Awin Group merchant interested in working with Qatch, please speak to your worth contact or email our publisher management team.

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